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euro stylee photoshop me please

Quote: Originally posted by Winston on 12 March 2005
Photoshops, Photoshops *rolls eyes*.....seen as its you, Ill bang some up now.

i was hopin ud be here ;)

cool cheers mate! some th lines or spaces? dunno what else is good, your the master of this game!

oh and what u think of ronals? good? or not for the car?
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

15" deep dish rims look really small imo. Go for the rims Winston has on his car...look sweet!

Quote: Originally posted by Gary G on 12 March 2005
How about some motorsport orientated rims?

you show me em on the car so i cans see to consider! im open to any suggestions just love the euro stylee deep dish stuff

my other option was black raqlly sl*g wheels as i want the windows blacked aswell. - but theyre so awkward to clean