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Evo 7 RS

316BHP/324Ib.ft Torque, No ABS (whoo hooo), no traction control, lighter glass and bodyshell, racing alloys and seats, no side airbags.................

Kinda like the cup - raw through and through.....!

0-60 - 4.2secs

Who would say this is a cheapo Evo?? No ABS in a car this powerful is obviously still safe as its a Road Car! So its therfore safe for the CUP

There should be more cars like this and the CUp - driving is all about the thrill (to quote Evo) and niot about how many buttons or luxuries ur motor has.......
  Clio 197

My sentiments exactly!

"Simplicate and add lightness." as said by one M. Donahue and a bunch of others actually...

I had a Evo 7 RS Sprint before my present car and was not that impressed to be honest, never felt as fast as the figures surgest. The suspension was too soft for fast track work but was incredable fun all the same, as long as you have deep pockets for a new set of tyres every track day plus the 5mpg on track!! One time at LLandow i just managed 50 miles on a FULL tank NO JOKE!! Tiny tank doent help. Did about 15mpg on the road if you took it slow.


The guys who bought Raliart UK will sell u one for £20000 plus VAT for the track/rallying or £25000OTR for the road version!
  Clio 197


That is precisely why my Evo 6 TM sits in the garage and the Willy gets to play on the ring. I would have had to take out a loan just for the petrol for the trips to and from never mind the tyres and brakes!

I would venture to say that Im enjoying the Willy even more than the Evo...

But on a mucky rally stage, I know what weapon to pick!


  Shiny red R32

Hot new Evo is even cheaper

Mitsubishi’s new fire-breathing Evo VIII will be up to £3000 cheaper than the model it replaces this March.

The latest version of the blisteringly fast saloon will start from £26,995 for the 276bhp model, £3000 less than the current entry-level Evo VII. This is still £2000 more than its 265bhp arch-rival, the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, however.

The top-of-the-range Evo VIII FQ, with more than 300bhp on tap, will cost £2500 less than the equivalent Evo VII, at £28,995.

The big drop in price will have a significant impact on the deals available on current models. With a cheaper version around the corner, buyers should secure sizeable discounts from dealers on existing stocks of the Evo VII.

Full performance details and specification levels will be announced closer to launch in the spring, but entry-level versions should hit 60mph in 5.3sec and have a top speed of 157mph.

The Evo’s suspension has been lowered slightly to improve handling, while a six-speed manual gearbox will be used for the first time.