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Excuse if this is the wrong forum but really need your help.

  renault clio mk3 1.2
I have a renault clio mk3 with the lil 1.2 liter. The problem is all the ac and heater buttons are not glowing up at night and its frustrating. Since all 3 are dead. I'm thinking it could possibly be a fuse. Here are a picture of how it looks like right now.only the buttons down are working. What do you think it is? Sorry for any misspells I'm actually from Israel:D


  renault clio mk3 1.2
Like a told all 3 of them aren't coming up. Only the ac button and the defroster is working. The lil light. Nothing else. I will take it to someone to take a look


ClioSport Club Member
  2012 Renault Clio
Just check all your fuses, a visible check should be enough, no need to pay a garage. I've changed bulbs back there before too so its possible they have gone, I can't remember how many there were though.
  renault clio mk3 1.2
Yeah I will probably tell my dad to help cause he probably knows a thing or too about cars. BTW if the bulbs are actually gone... is it easy to replace. I saw some spaces in the internet that access to this bulbs aren't that good. BTW,which type of bulbs should I buy if replacing?