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Exhaust Heatshield

  The Beast MK4
When my builder was making my cat-back system he whipped off a wee bit of the heat shielding on my car that was causing him a bit of grief. A few months back he took the rest off as it was rattling and pretty 'shagged' in terms of condition nearer the backbox. There is plenty of clearance between the box and the body. It doesn't really get too warm on my journeys anyway but was this unwise? Are there regulations concerning it?

I'd stick some heat shield back on DemonTweeks sell some very thing stuff its like thick paper that and some some of way of holding it on and it should be fine.
Any exhaust manufacturer who removes the stuff IMO isn't very good.
I cannot remember the stuff i used I tried there thick blanket style stuff and burned though it in a few miles the other stuff (looks like the stuff they sell for £94) was amazing much thinkker and never burned and it was touching the manifold.