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Exhaust not sitting right

  BMW E82 M Sport
Me and my mate fitted a janspeed super sports system on my 182 today but ive got a few problems that maybe somebody could help me with :D

First of all the tailpipes dont seem to come out very far, is that normal? And its not sitting right, the pipe furthest away from the backbox hangs lower than the other one :mad: I've put two new exhaust mounts on it aswell

Anyone got any ideas? Cheers guys


  Abarth 500
The join is sleaved so you can adjust how far it sticks out by loosening the clamp and pulling it out.

You can try taking out the washers on the exhaust mount on the one on the right to bring it up a bit too.
  182 with cup packs
How did you get on with it? ??? I have the same problem:( it looks horrible when your up close! I had a k-tec one fitted for my 182 by my local and when you rev it sounds as if its leaking then it settles when slowly building up revs sorry about the poor explanation!
  Clio 182
If you want to do a bit of a bodge like I did then get some garden hose and stick 3cm lengths in in the gaps in the hanger, e.g. in the bottom if you want to push it up, on the left side if you want to push it right etc. Then secure them with zip ties. Job done.
  182 with cup packs
Haha thanks for the tip wouldnt have thought of that masel! My standard exhuast was like this too though is it poorly positioned mounts?
  182 FF Arctic
The exhaust set up is sh*t on the 182's since day 1 of owning mine 6 months ago that's all I've done is mess with it to get right
  182 with cup packs
Yeah its annoying especially when your cleaning the car okay when ur driving since ya cani see it lol think al have a fiddle with some washers!! Sorry its off topic but have you coil overs or just left it standard + the cup packs?