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Exhaust on 1.2 16v - pony?

  1.2 16v (Race Spec)
Is it worth getting an aftermarket exhaust on my 1.2 16v or will it just sound crap? I don't wana look like an idiot driving around with it, don't mind a bit of noise if it's a nice rumble, but if it sounds like a bag of nails then I'll just look like a tramp!

I know it's only a 1.2 and I know it won't sound like a Ferrari.

If it is recommended, is there a particular system that's favourable? Backbox, cat back, de-cat etc. and brands etc.

Thankyou, not too knowledgeable in this dept!
  MK1 Clio 16v
Just don't get universal and i don't think it will sound too bad.

I had a universal box in my 1.2 MK1 and it sounded like a trombone being blown by an elephant.