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exhaust price fitted !!

  Striped track ****
just got a quote for having a 1.8 16v janspeend back box fitted to my car

which is a 1.2 :(

said would be around £30 to £60

how does that sound

just paying for labour

any one no anywhere else in the colchester region let me no

  Civic Vtec y0
Are you buying it from the company that are fitting it?

If so then tell them 2 do it for free, or you will go elsewhere! It only takes about 10-20 mins tops to change a back box! Im getting a full new standard exhaust fitted 2moro and they are doing that for free, also gave me a good discount on the exhaust as they said they would match any other local price. £85 for a full system!
  Striped track ****
i paid £30 for the back box of ebay

would do it myself but havent got the facilitys to do it
  Civic Vtec y0
lol oh right!

I got a standard exhaust back on 2day, bought the car with the S/S on it but was just too much as I do 400+ miles a week!
  Civic Vtec y0
Oh and I have a backbox from my 1.2 4sale? A lot less work for you as it will just got straight on! ;)
  Striped track ****
well as i got hit tonight up the arse will be claming for new exhasut as mineds twisted ;)