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exhaust problem

i've just bought a mongoose cat back exhaust from corby motorsport for my clio 182.

i sent it to be fit at a garage along with my brakes and some other work.

basically, there is a problem with fitting. the end of the centre section supplied with the exhaust is flat and has slits in. the end of the cat converter that it connects to has a beveled end. so they do not fit.

does that sound right to anyone? i've looked at pics of other exhausts and they are all the same as the cat converter except a magnex one...where they provide what looks like an adaptor?

can you buy these from somewhere?
  BG182ff,explod Focus
I'd say either have the end of your old exhaust cut off and use that as an adaptor or better still, have your cat modified like this to take out the restrictor.
Backlash on exhaust choice commencing in 5,4,3.....
not sure if the old exhaust hasn't rusted and vanished or not. but thanks for the ideas.

i wasn't sure on an exhaust so asked the guy at the garage (ex ford BTCC mechanic) and trusted his judgement. whats wrong with them?


  Abarth 500
Should have a small adapter piece, like the middle bit in this pic: