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EXHAUST PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive jsut been driving about and heard a ratteling in my exhaust i took it to my local budget for a free check they said it was my cat, and id have to get a new one but i told them i was no newbie i can get a streight through pipe because it done have to have a cat (its before 1/8/92 its 91) so it dont need one by law he then told me it would f*** up my ecu and make the car drink petrol, is this true or do i have to get a new cat im gonna just get a new system with decat pipe me thinks any ideas peeps.

and as soon as he saw i knew what i was on about he tryed to get me to get new tyres cun*s

cheers jamie
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Dont need a cat mate. Mines a 93K and ive taken mine off. Runs great. Ill probably have to stick mine on for the test. Depends where i take it though

right im looking for a new system for my 91 1.4 rt with a decat pipe please or can anyone tell me where i can get a decat pipe for my motor cant find it anywhere.

cheers jamie

I think your ECU should adjust to not having the cat in place. As for drinking fuel, I think he just wanted to rip you off for a replacement cat.! Youll hardly notice the difference.
  BMW 320d Sport

The ECU doesnt even know that the cat exists. It makes absolutely no difference to it at all. All it looks for is the lama signal, the sensor is in the downpipe anyway, not the cat.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Hill Power do de-cat pipes

an ive just had a stainless centre section made today by Peco, so they do em for the Clio now

Hi Guys.

Nick is spot on.

but, the removal of the cat can make your power output WORSE !.

the engine relies on a certain amount of back pressure, the cat, in some exhaust designs, can act as the extremely small back pressure needed.

you remove it.. you can lower your power....

but, if you want to run a richer mid range mixture.. you NEED one... the fuel mix products left will destroy the cat.. it was not designed to work at those mixes.. thats what the lama does (for the most part)..

as a power increase ??.. total waste of dosh..

as a method of allowing a richer mid range mix, ie - chipping for YOUR car.. not something superchips have on their database of muppetmobiles... -

then its the only way to go doods..

Cs. Joe..


I said..

as a power increase ??.. total waste of dosh..

I meant...

unless you use the available increase in mid range mix to improve torque by accurate remapping of YOUR ecu..


You may actually find that if your car came as standard with a catalytic converter then law requires you to have it fitted, but like most people, we remove them and then add them back for MOT time


so whats the general way people are going with yes cat or not for my 1.4 rt 91 engine. anyone know for sure what i should do, should i get a second hand cat or a decat/streight through pipe.

cheers jamie.