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Exhaust rattle/buzz.....

It was my turn to take the car into Renault today and have the problem checked out. They just called (even though I wanted an answer at lunchtime!) and said it was a problem with the mid section of the exhaust. Theyve ordered the part and now Im waiting for it to arrive and have it fitted.

We know that this is a very common problem with the 172. A question to anyone who had this problem and subsequently had it rectified on their car - has the rattle/buzz ever returned?

I had the same fault fixed with mine last week, and the FIRST time I pulled away the noise occured, although since then Ive been driving my 106 GTI so havent noticed it, or actually even give a sh1t as its up for sale and I cant be bothered wasting anymore time down at Renaults, its been with them more than me.

Ihad this prb fixed on my car a few weeks back and it removed several rattles/buzzes. So far none have recurred.

Ive just bought a Mk1 172 and it appears the same problem is there in my car. i have no audible rattle in the cabin but indoor car parks etc show it up when youve got your windows down. I was told that its the baffle inside the mid silencer coming loose and ratting around inside the box. How much has this cost anyone to replace?

I also have a really annoying squeek coming from the front passenger seat and the front suspension creaks when i go over speed bumps.... I fear much time at Renault service dept. is required?


  Audi TT Stronic

just a though but couldnt you get renault to foot some of the bill ? cause it does seem like a common fault.. unless its under warrenty ofcourse in which case never mind..

I had the centre exhaust box replaced, cost on the invoice was 275 pounds, but they gave me 80% off because the car had only done 15,000 miles at the time. Its now done 17,700 miles and there is no sign of the rattle yet.