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Extended Wheel Bolts?


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium Ph1 172
Right guys,

I've just come in from swapping my Renault Turinis back to the standard 15" alloys.

When I went to take off the front passenger side Turini I noticed there was only THREE bolts holding the wheel on! Now, I've not felt any difference when driving, no wheel wobbling or anything.

So either the bolt has worked itself out or someones pinched it.

Obviously I'm pretty concerned now, if one bolt can work its way out then whats stopping the other three...

So does anyone else run standard bolts with Turinis? Or are you guys running extended bolts? Or loctite-ing the threads?

I was meant to be driving 6-7 hours tonight up to my sisters house but that is now postponed until tomorrow, i'll need to go to halfrauds in the morning for some wheel bolts, but they only seem to sell locking bolts that cost around £30.