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F.A.O Capt Slarty

  172 & LCR

Some help needed reguarding wheel size Im going to York 1/4 mile RWYB on 25th aug and dont know weather to run 16" or 17" wheels the reason being last time I ran on 16" I was changing into 4th gear just before the end and ran a best of 15.9 @ 89.31mph would the 17" wheels get me over the line without having to put the final gearchange in hopefully putting in a beter time BTW tyre sizes are 205 40 17 and I was also thinking better traction from 205 compared with 195s any advice much appriciated.
Im moving house soon or I would have had one of those Turbo kits off you bad timing on my part me thinks.

Hi Trev, sorry about the timing on the kits ..

There may be one more in about a month, but dont hold your breath.. If I get it I will let you know.

as for the wheels, its a difficult one.

as you say, the lack of gearchange is worth something, better traction may be more to do with higher gearing ??.. but the cross section of the tyre will be a help in the dry.

At the end of the day, it will be sown to if the gear change or lack of, makes up for the slight loss of acceleration.

let me know how ya get on.

  172 & LCR

Cheers for that Joe Ill have to have a play around with the wheels before the 25th if it ever stops raining.