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f**k f**k & DOUBLE f**k!!!!

  mk2 172

having received my award from slayer i thought it only right that i go on the hunt for an Xmas sclalp, as soon as i reached my first dual carriageway it was obvious pickings were gonna be slim and the roads were empty so i decided to get the "most" out of my car tax and take advantage of the empty queens highway and pave the way for some understeering front end action, having taken 6 months off my tyres life and with the petrol light beckoning i decided to head for home, on one of my last high octane roundabouts on the way home i spotted someone giving it large in a phat machine of the other side of the dual carriageway and instantly i was in pursuit throguh curosity of what it was (that along with the fact i wanted a race with something:D). now you wouldnt believe my joy when i discovered it was only "clio 16v boy" off this very site (twice iv spotted him in 2 days btw) so i gave extra effort to close the gap and get a chance after my VTSs most sought after scalp, i got two right near him at a roundabout when he pulled out in front of someone and the guy in front of me went the same way as us, so there was clio 16v boy hooting off into the distance and im stuck behind two f**king w**kers blocking either lane of the carriageway at 40mph, i tried the horn but the b******s wouldnt budge, when they did i think hed turned off cos i couldnt find him. so cos i was near the dome i went and had a look down there, got into a race with a big zorsted corsa then as i blew him away i saw it was a 1.2, thought it was a sport:(. next time mate next time......................:D