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F4R into Volvo 340/360

I sold my valver engine to a mate who has put it in his volvo 340.

He's wondering if he can upgrade to an F4R 172 lump. I don't see why it would be any harder than a valver engine. The volvo transfer box would slot on just the same as the valver engine.
Has it been done? any reason why it couldn't be done?
f0xy had exactly the same conversation with me about this at the Warrington meet last week. His thinking was if the Volvo engine fits the Valver and the Valver engine fits the Volvo. The F4R fits the Valver so it should fit the Volvo.

His main thoughts where RWD with decent power on the cheap. I think he said his mate had a Volvo 340.
As Brett said, aye its doable.

Mount wise it should go in pretty easily tbh, they are manual anyway so just run the Mk1 non-pas brackets, and I think the front mount has to be used (like the 5th one Ive put on mine)...

Then make a downpipe, hook up a loom and get some drift on

If I had the room to put one id have a laugh and do one with all my spare bits over winter, but I havent lol.
For the price of the car i'd just cut a hole in the bonnet or shell where need be lol...

Been hearing that people have been getting hold of them for £75-100
they are cheap cheap cheap.

Reckon ben paid £450 for the mintest 340 in the country (sub 40k, one owner from new).
he then bought another for nothing just for some bits!

Just thought, issues may be the sump clearing the crossmember. Ben has had to use a volvo 1.7 sump on the F7P to clear the crossmember. Any chance the F4R/F7P sumps are interchangeable I wonder???

Few taster shots

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I fancy a go. Will have to go over and see Ben when his is up and running and see how it is with the F7p. Spare F4R sat in my garage....

pot ltd Che

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I sold a valver engine to a guy called Ben who was fitting it into a volvo.... Hmmmmmmm...

pot ltd Che

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Ahh, this dude was off Clio 16valver and iirc, was from Newcastle or somewhere like that.
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He's pretty damn close whiteley. Theres a downpipe to do and a couple of wiring issues then he's away really.

Edit: You killed my gearbox!!

'Fraid so. Well nearly I think. 3rd crunches horribly and its dumped a pool of oil sat in my garage from a joint in the casing somewhere. Going to chuck some more oil in and hope its reet for Oulton next month. Sorry! :eek:
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My parents had a 1.4 340 YEARS ago, and i remember it being a slow, boaty, heavy old barge with armchair seats!!

Awesome idea for a conversion! Like an AE86 on the cheeeeeap. Almost. :)
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i want to let youguys know know something important i used to drive my oldmans 340 1.7 there is a major and expensive flaw with this car the probshaft has splines on each end of it and they wear away due to engine movement and rear gearbox movement.this propshaft has small cap screws/allen headed bolts no matter how tight you get them the splines will still wear as engine moves aboutt as te prop isnt secure enough.
what happns is you hear a whirring noise but the car wont go forward as the propshaft isnt either being driven by the engine or propshaft is spinning on the rear mounted gearbox.if your going to do this conversion guys fit solid mounts to the gearbox and engine and rear dedion axle. there is away round this the 2 litre uses a different design of propshaft which actually locks into place at either end so that if even with engine or gearbox movement there is no way the they can move indepentantly of the propshaft as its securely locked in place.the 360 use the better propshaft the 340 is only 1.4 and 1.7.
other thing is 360 have better leaf springs i think and 360glt has slighly lowerd suspension on the rear!!!!!!!
they are very heavy cars and the handling is poor and they bounce all over the place.i ended up contacting the rearwheel against the kerb and it bent the dedion axle which had to be replaced at great expense i looking at it it looked fine but the severe tyre wear gave it away!!!!!!last thing i dont think the 360 prop cn be used on the 340.

the steering is very heavy the gearchange is awful you can move the steering fully from side to side and the car still goes straight!!!!!!!!!its an old fashioned car if you havent driven one of these cars youwill be disapointed!!!
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As delcbr said. My Great Grandad had a couple of 340's. My Mum and Dad said they where the worst car they'd ever driven. Interesting project though, RWD and the gearbox is in the back too for alledged weight distribution.
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a mate of mine called Sid did this years ago for drifting. used to eat torque tubes, MAJOR weakness

just incase anyone doesnt get it hes refering to the same thing iam talking about the propshaft.

becasue the gearbox is at the backansd the propshaft is connected between engine and gearbox..with engine running at traffic lights say the propshaft is rotating away underneath you and if you rev the car it gets faster lol where as on other rear wheel drive cars this doesnt happen its a heap of shite dont waste your time!!!!!!!
the props are getting hard to find normally scrappys used to keep them but becasue of this problem most are probably used up already.