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F7P tuning.

What sort of revs will standard valve springs take?

And bottom end, when do rod bolts need changing for stronger items?

Are they pretty responsive engines to cams?

  2005 Nissan Navara
The springs themselves will be ok to around 8500rpm, with std valves.
They are however limited to about 11.4/11.5mm lift depending on the casting.
It is also not advisable to take hydro's past 8000rpm.

Std Rods/bolts/pistons are seamingly ok to 8000rpm also.

They do respond well to cams, and headwork. They are a very lively engine, but have lived in the F7R's shadow due to the inherent higher levels of torque with the 2.0.
  Lionel Richie
i've seen a bloke do 200bhp off a stock inlet with an F7R (Danish fella, nice chap ;))
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