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false floor for boot

has any one got some pics of a false floor some one has tried to explain how to make one but i just cant see how its done properly this is for a mk1 clio just need to see the false floor not the floor in the boot


ClioSport Club Member

i would have thought a piece of mdf then some battoning to allow room for you amp (whatevers going in there) and then you floor on top, simple really, sorry no pictures mate,

hope that helps

I took out the boot carpet and traced it onto some MDF, and then cut two holes for grilles for amps. I cut a square of MDF and screwed my amps onto it, and suspended that underneath the upper false floor bit, underneath the holes Id cut for the amps. I used a router to cut a groove around the edge of the holes on the top part and inlayed some black grille and then carpeted over the whole thing. The false floor sits on the two gold hooks and the metal bar that are at the boot-door side, and on the other side, it sits on the ledge that is just behind the back seats. Im going to do the fibreglass sub enclosure like that one later on, when I can find the time (and patience!)