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false floor

  1.2 16v (Race Spec)

I want to take my back seats out and create a false floor thats level from the boot to just behind the front seats, then cover it in carpet.

How do I go about this please?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

basically with a lot of trial and error mate

buy a sheet of MDF big enough, then its a case of cuttin bits off here and there, tryin it, then cut more off etc, until you get it right

if you want it raised just buy some cheap planks of wood and use those
  1.2 16v (Race Spec)

how would you hold it up? It needs to be supported by something doesnt it? Where am I likely to get the carpet from?


yeah i was thinkin about doin this aswell, but how would a set of harnesses get attached? how much would the mdf and carpet cost? anyone know?


  big fat japanese bus

MDF £5 per sheet , carpet about £10 per SQ m see for vinyl and carpet

Use your boot carpet as a template for the bootsection

Make it in 2 bits so you can fit it in and out of the car

Mega easy to scratch your interior though

I will post a pic of mine when its carpeted

What thickness of mdf should I use if I was going to do a false floor in the boot and screw a sub box to it? Want it to be strong but not too heavy!
  transit connect

£5 for a sheet of mdf where u getting it from ?18 mm mdf u need and if u should around cheapest is bout £15 if u can level it all out u cud grip fill it to the floor that way dont have to screw holes and it will be very solid.carpet id bout £25 for 1x2 m in halfrauds but most ice shops sell on a big roll polace near me is £8 for 2x1 m.