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FAO 16Vclio

Hi Marc

How it going. I been hearing alot about your clio going though some changes since Donny South. Hows it all going??? When you expecting to get it finished??

It is all starting to come together now, just after a set of side skirts, and sort out my door pops as I want to shave the door handles, I have got an Exterminator front bumper sitting in my garage, a Terminator rear bumper on the way, a PSG roof tip spoiler on the way, Juss is going to help me out with my prep work, I want everything smoothed and a bad boy bonnet, think that is about it and I need to decide on a colour, thinking about a Pastille (Dont know if that is the correct spelling!!) blue or a pearl yellow! And just got some blue carpet of Glenn (He is from your end of the world isnt he), just deciding on what to do with the interior!

And that is the end of my essay!

Anyone else who reads this any other ideas would be appreciated before it goes for its spray!


How is the saving going for the 5 turbo conversion? I have a few mates with 5s so if you are ever in need of an engine give me a shout and I will have a few words and see what I can do!

Sounds nice mate. Id go with the pearl yellow. So nice! Saw it on a 300 zx looked good.

Ive got a blue carpet looking for a home!

Yep the saving has started as well as a few other things I want to get done. Should be finished mid year. Cant do it untill my insuarnce is up as I need that 1 years no claims. So all in all should be rolling out for maxpower live.. Hopefully inside, I just hope work give me a nice bonus.

Ps Glen knows about another little mod that should draw a few crowds... I wont tell you yet your have to see the pics. It be done at the end of the month pay day..

I have a stolen a really good idea of a bodyshop, might be to much work but if it happens I have never seen it before, would be really individual!! Will soon find out I am going to book it in as soon as the side skirts have been selected and the door popping is sorted!

Sorry Tony I have just sorted out some blue carpet of Glenn, an exchange deal for a Magnex back box.

Mine should be sorted soon, need to look into some tints and bigger rims, might be forced into bigger rims anyway due to the front bumper being so deep will find out when it is on!!

Whats is this secret mod then? You are welcome to PM me!

Sorry Marc if you were at the Maxpower live night out you would have seen it. I cant yet this out untill its on the car, but you have to see it to believe it. PS it aint interior, engine or exterior mods, just to confuse you fully

Rob, i gave that guy a call last night!! My clio is booked in for "the treatment" next Saturday!!! IM GONNA HAVE IT BEFORE YOU!!! NER NER NER!!! :D;)

lmao !!.. you will have someones eye out !

I made one of these about 10 years ago.. was great fun.. used an injector and Nichrome wire.. worked well .. its was amazing how many people didt drive up yer chuff after a whiff of Napalm..


It is not my cup of tea, but it would catch your attention esspecialy as Rob has got twin exhausts, but Glenn my poor Magnex back box!!!!;)

right marcus I have u for letting it out. Well as you know it be going in the weekend of the 27th it will be larger then your usual cars. Your have to have a look when photos are done
  Clio Gtt

rob ill email you some detais that i have just recived from an old friend about putting a 5 engine in a clio. he is doing mine for ......................................................£100

he knows his stuff.

Juss can you forward me that e-mail as well, as I have probably told you I used to have a 5gt, and still have a few contacts in the gt world, who would be able to source soom good quality engines