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FAO 5 Door Clio (Grey) at Brands


There was a 5 Door Clio at Brands (other than mine).. Had Miglia Evos on...

Just wondered, your torsion bar was set a little lower than mine (I think its 10mm lower, from speaking to Steve A about the levels it can be set at)... which is the next level down from me...

Do you get any rubbing, and can you still carry people in the back seats?

Also, how far is it from the bottom of the sill, to the floor? It looks about 10mm lower, but we werent 100% sure.

Sorry for so many questions, but Im thinking about lowering my car again slightly.


  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Are those 15s or 16s?

It dont look too much lower than mine which is only one click down from normal. Sometimes it varies from car to car as to how much one click actually lowers it by, on mine its slightly lower on one side than the other due to differences in the torsion bars.


p.s I like the extension under the rear bumper, is that an Ibiza front spoiler??

I can have a car full. The bottom of the arch comes to about an inch over the metal of the alloy (If you get me? lol)

I measured the distance from the botttom of the splitter to the floor and it was the length of the metal bit of my ignition key from the floor! It looked good, but I have never driven so slow!

Hmm, Could you measure from the bottom of your standard bumper to the floor (with no people in the back)

I have 195/50/15 tyres and 5 doors.. I think mine is about the same height as yours is at the moment...

Maybe the extra 10-20mm would make it look good then.. The front is only -35mm, but I might change this to about -50mm - -60mm in the new year.


In my experience (somebody please correct me if Im wrong) but a 5dr lowered the same as a 3dr on its torsion bar, will sit lower (to look at anyway) It might be an optical illusion with the rear doors, it might actually be lower, or I might be just talking b****cks!

When I had a car full I got NO scraping or scrubbing either. But in the first month or so I lowered the car I got a bit, but the arch lip has worn away now.....

If I were you Id certainly invest in lowering the front even more. I started with mine at 35mm, then changed to 55mm. To me a car that is lower at the back than the front by a lot just looks wrong.

If I remember when I get in from work tommorow night Ill get that measurement to the floor for you. Its quite a lot, I dont think with a standard bumper yor in danger of hitting anything on the ground. I go flying over allsorts in mine and never have any trouble....

I can probably do 195/50/15 with a bit lower with no probs. Hoping to get a bodykit soon though, so that will make it a lot lower than it currently is. The back is ok as it is - just I could make it a bit lower... specially if Im probably going to be lowering the front a bit more.

I did have an idea of just putting a big boot build in to make it a bit lower... I dunno.. Problem Im going to have though, if I DO go lower, before I put bodykit on.. it might work with standard bumpers but not with the kit..



The five door will just be the same hight as the three door it mite look lower but it should be the same. Im running 195/45/15 on mine and the arch is at the top of the alloy with know one in it i had to do a bit arch work but its fine (no scraping or anything) and the front i had to cut about an inch and a half off the arch so the wheels would turn Hee! Hee! but it was worth it it looks th dogs c**k now. ill try and post some pics soon


So if I go one level down, you think mine would be the same level as the grey clio at Brands? I *might* give it a go this afternoon, following the guide... Im lame at mechanics though, so summat might go wrong. :confused:


Daz, do you actually use the two rear doors?

becasue (note this is a personal opinion) if you are going to spend all that money on lowering, and kits and everything, I think it looks better on a 3 door hatch than a 5 door hatch, so, rather than that, get a 3 door 1.4 16v or 1.8 RSI?

only my thaughts on spending money.. it up to you...


* refusing to get into the 3/5 door conversation *

car is now off the road, on axle stands, broken, undriveable. Typical. :(