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FAO All members re: Renault

  BMW 320d Sport

You may have already heard something along these lines but here goes; the comp on the front page for the tickets is a cracker, we need as many of you as possible to enter. Remember - one Cliosport member *will* win this stonking prize! As they say, membership has its privileges...

Anyway my serious point is this: one of our aims as a club has always been to get official Renault recognition. To build and maintain a cool Clio scene it helps to have Renault involved and up to date on what we actually do and how we drive and modify our Clios, and this kind of club/manufacturer setup is what keeps clubs going for decades.

There are very few enthusiasts clubs around who are even noticed by their manufacturer, let alone given the kind of recognition that could be on the cars at the moment with Renault. Citroen are one of the few examples of a manufacturer who knows full well about the popularity of its hot hatches and I dont reckon its any coincidence that they are well into modded Saxos at shows etc and even supply approved tuning gear and sponsorship.

This competition is one of the first real link-ups with Renault and is also a way that they can gauge whether there actually is a huge Clio scene and a thriving Cliosport club, or whether its just half a dozen people with a website. We all know that its the former rather than the latter, but all members need to show a bit of support here and make it worthwhile for Renault to keep on getting involved with us like this.

So, go back to the Cliosport front page and enter the comp! Its not gonna cost you anything except a bit of time. Well except those few Clio drivers reading this who arent actually members yet. Then its gonna cost you a measly fiver to join or an insignificant £2.00 if you get a sticker at the same time!

Non-members - dont be cheap!
Members - dont be lazy!

Rant over...

A free bump for this...

However.. I am torn between encouraging people to take part for the good of the club, and my selfish desire to win!!!! (Ive entered by the way!!)

Sod it, the club is more important... get entering you lazy gits!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Ive entered but I cant see that Ive got much chance with just a zorst, a bit of lowering and some bulbs! I think Renault are looking for something a bit special to park outside their hospitality area. Viper stripes anyone?

How do you know they want a maxed out clio ??

They may want something with a couple of subtle mods to show what a little tinkering can do, or maybe a nice example of something totally standard...

Dont not enter because of that - and also, there is the witty taline part of the deal!!

Even if you think you have no chance of winning - still enter to show the interest of the club - this is the first and hopefully not the last as Nick says above.

I promise to clean and polish my car over the weekend and take some shots of it with its new koni adjustables and enter the comp on Tues when Im back at work.


How many people have entered so far then?
  Astra 1.9cdti XP


With the competition you have alienated all of those members with standard cars!! Wouldnt it have been better give the opportunity for every member to enter? Since its not only people with modified cars who pay the money to join!!!

Otherwise I would have entered.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I thought about that and then thought oh well give it a go, my car is boggo but Im having a go anyway cant hurt can it ?

I am gonna beat up everybody that doesnt enter!!! I arranged this one and I want as many entries as possible so that I can hopefully get more involvement in the future - SO BE WARNED - and if you dont think I am dangerous just ask around - there are a few who will definitely agree with this!
  BMW 320d Sport

Paul dont blame me, Kathy organised it and good on her for it. There is nothing that says it has to be modified at all. Who says Renault want to see modded cars? Maybe they just want something tidy? We dont even know ourselves what theyre looking for so go for it anyway!

BTW Kathy will pay you a visit if you dont enter and you wouldnt like her when shes angry!
  clio 20v

i dont even have a recent pic of my car which is standard part from lowering filter and exhaust (ive only had it a month i think im doing quite well considering it was completely standard when bought) and i think they probably want a 172 rather than a valver and i dont think ive seen one modded 172 on the roads yet hence the reluctency of peeps to enter, if i can get a pic of my car i will enter for the club but i dont expect to win!

Paul - it says "best dressed clio" doesnt it? That does not mean that it has to be an ultra modded car does it I dont think - there is NEVER any intention to split and divide and alienate anyone in this club - my car is absolutely bog standard - and will probably stay that way because I cant afford to mod it, and Im not that fussed about it being modded.

adiclio - it doesnt say that they only want a 172 - and I dont know exactly what they are looking for - so dont give up just yet, and as in comment above, yours is more modded than mine!

A reminder to all of you who havent entered yet - there is a week left - the closing date is 11th September - so get your pics in now! Come on, the prize is fantastic - and if you havent seen the Clio Cups racing then you are in for a treat, and Donnington is a brilliant track to see them on (saw them there last year). K

Last reminder - closing date for competition is 12th (Thursday) - if you aint in you cant win! Prize is amazing, so come on, show your support for the club to Renault (this is sponsored by them).