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FAO anyone with alloys.

plenty of people on here have got aftermarket alloys on their cars, so heres a question - what do you do with the old ones? i havent thought of anywhere i can keep them. does every one sell them?

What do people do with the spare?

good question steve, my alloys are just std on the valver, looking to get them changed in the near future.

anyone know of a place that will part exchange your old alloys for new? ive got some brand new 15inch torsons with brand new 195/40/15s tyres from my old escort... would be nice to know if i could exchange them.
  Clio v6

I noticed a few refurb places on the net who sell secondhand alloys, so maybe they buy your old ones. Have a look around.
  7.6cc :D

Steve, my spare is still in the boot! untouched! they bought the four off me. If i ever got a flat id have to drive home with one odd wheel :confused: and it does mean i have to hide two sets of locking wheel nuts in the car.

i dont understand about the locking wheel nuts:confused: why are they in your car? ive not had locking nuts before, please explain.
  7.6cc :D

Sorry, should have said, i have to hide the keys in the car! The actual nuts are on the wheels, (surprisingly enough)

You have to keep the key/s in the car in case you ever get a flat or need to take the wheels off when your away from home, but always hide them so pikeys cant find them and steel your wheels!

I need two keys, one for the actual wheels on the car and one if i ever need to put my spare on, as its a different type wheel, hence, different key!

ah. i hadnt actually thought about locking nuts before. i live in a fairly low crime area, but i suppose its one of those cheapish things youll really regret not buying. ive got phase 1 alloys at the moment which have a kind of locking centre cap, but im thinking of not carrying a spare if i get different wheels, not sure though.

Why change back in winter? Have your original tyres got better tread? Surely 205s would provide better grip in wet/icy/snowy weather than 195s?

I keep mine just for when i sell it on really. And for Track days. I put them in black bags and lobbed the lot down the side of my garden shed!!

A thinner tyre means the weight of you car will have to be spread over a smaller surface area therefore more weight per square inch!;) Also your new mint alloys dont get eaten by the salt!!
  clio 20v

205 tyres dont grip in snow last time it snowed quite bad i got my astra stuck lots of times, once goin uphill i had to stop couldnt get goin again just letting the clutch out with no revs it wud just sit there slowly spin,

had to turn round an go back down lol, was a bit embarassing

my old alloys are in the garage they will be going back on if i do any drag racing or track days, meant to swap em for this winter but not used me car much and neva got round to it