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FAO anyone with BIG sound system

  Lionel Richie

Right then, ive now got an in dash screen + PS2 (running off a 12V to 240V converter) and a sub in the boot, my question is can my battery and alternator hack it, or am i gonna have to invest in better items??? say off a 172 or diesel clio???

You should be fine mate as the current draw from those items is pretty low.

If I were you I would wait until you start seeing signs that your battery cant cope before you splash out on more expensive charging methods.

A lot of people purchase split charging systems for the hell of it when really they dont need it.

It also depends on how loud you play your tunes etc. But I reckon unless you were powering more subs youll be okay.

Power up all your stuff and put it a full volume and go for a drive at night. If your headlights dim or flicker then you don;t have enough power.

For the record Im running 3 amps (240w, 600w and 400w), 2 12" subs, playstation, screen, tv tuner, 4 6x9s, 6" front components and soon dvd player and my standard battery is fine.

Hope this helps

Alright Fred?
I had a beasty system in my Dynamique,
Focal Kevlar components all round
FOcal 13 inch Kevlar sub
Digital Radio
A 12 disc changer and
A five channel Genisis amp top of the range chrome one.. and the guys who fitted it said the battery was Ok just about holding it anything else added e.g a playstation and I would have to get another battery>
  Lionel Richie

The reason i ask is cos i broke the 12v-240v converter on saturday night (i installed it on saturday day time) it was about a 10months old though


Ive got a Phoenix Gold 300.2 and one JL Audio 12" W3, and my headlamps flicker big time when I turn it up to a quite loud level!

If your head lights flicker that normally means that you should buy a higher cranking battery (optima or maxima) but the altanater is noramlly ok and should only really be uprated if you find yourself going flat. and if you are not running a kilowatt amp or multiple subs then you should be okay.