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FAO BenR....maybe Cap ’n all!



You mentioned in another thread that the Renault/Peugeot V6 engine was very easily tuned. My bro is going to buying the Laguna V6 from me, where do you suggest he could start? I know for a fact that the exhaust is very restrictive, so that would be first, anything else?


Hi M8..

apparantly the changes for the race clio v6 were in the area of cams and ecu I believe.. maybe a tad more..

so thats probably worth a shot.. a set of rally cams with a chipped ecu or aftermarket such as Dastek.


yup, the clio trophy kit racers use a standard engine (well, standard being not highly tunned). And to keep costs down, they were all built by the robots at the factory, so no fancy head porting etc.

They just use different cams, new valves and springs, not sure about eh inlet.exhaust manifolds or the plenham, but its the same off the clio V6. and a decent piggyback ecu to tweek minor settings will help.

however, this is just what capt said.

i dont know if renault will sell it over the counter, but capt.....if you can get the renaultsport clio trophy bit for the engine with your contacts, i will buy 10!!!! cash waiting!

anyway, the mods give about 285...with head work you can expect 300 easy.