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FAO Everyone - Cliosport Xmas Meal!

  BMW 320d Sport

Im still waiting for a lot of people to get back to me by email about what food they want at the Christmas Meal at the Strawberry Field. If youve not shown interest yet btw, more members are still welcome! I need the details of how many are going, and what they want to eat, ASAP. If it takes too long to get the info in, none of us can go, simple as that. As most of you know, booking a venue for a Christmas meal is a nightmare and unless I can get a deposit in within the next week, well lose our booking. So everyone who has already said theyll come, or anyone who would like to, PLEASE get over to the meetings forum, check out the CLIOSPORT CHRISTMAS MEAL thread with the menu, and then email me straight away"> dont use private messenger cos I need to file all the replies away in my email inbox. Well I suppose if youve got a private message for me then you can!

This should be a great evening out and this time we wont have to stand around in the cold, enough of you have seen the Strawberry Field car park by now, find out what its like inside!

Thank you nick !

Yes plwase all and any one is welcome as nick said this is a good reason to find out what the in side of the stawberry fields pub look like past the car park

so if ure name is on the lis and u havent mailed nick ! What u waiting for !!!!!

chavyboy - Ivan

Bigmoose - ?

Wes24 - wes

rob_johns69 - Rob J

Cupsize - ?

Kis172 - kathy

Mad_marky - ?

Slugger - wayne

Thanx john

PS. sorry if u have already mailed nick !!
  172 sport,

damn fool booked it on the day i fly out :cry:

me thinks he dont want me there:(

nobody loves me boo hoo

Shouldnt that be boo boo? :p

Nick - will be emailing you later just need to check with jnr what food she wants.