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FAO MK2 172 owners

  Leon Cupra

Does anyone else have this problem, When breaking heavily from high speed the back end of the car slides skips and squirms around as if the car is trying to do an “endow”. Would lowering the car sort this problem out???

  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

you need the rear brake bias? adjusting.
Sounds like you have to much braking force at the back.
And no lowering would make it worse as the car would think you are carrying more weight in the back and put even more force to the rear.
No to hard to sort though.


  Shiny red R32

Sounds like you still have Contis on your car Tim! Mine was a bit like that until I got grippier Toyos and new wheels.
  Leon Cupra

It feels like there is to much break power at the front because the nose dips wright down and transfers all the weight forward when breaking and makes the back end to light so the tail dances around I was just hoping stiffening up the car might stop this???


ive got similar things happening to me tim when i break hard, so would be intrested to find out if there is a way of combatting this characteristic.


GR the bloody contis have nothing to do with it, try scrubbing them next time before giving an opinion! Come over to Dunfermline any time and Ill sho you what they are capable of!

I have exactly the same problem, I know the 172 has E (Electronic Braceforce Distribution), I wondering if this has anything to do with it?

  Leon Cupra

Don’t think mine has got that it only has been introduced recently along with traction control. Thanks anyway for you input.


E was on the mk1 172s as well. What you are experiencing Tim is normal on a 172 and yes lowering calms it down. I have avo spings from Hillpower. Phone Nick up and books yours in Btw ive had a few brown trouser moments before lowering the car.


mate, its normal, when your really raggin it, and your really hard on the brakes, itll just be skittish, Just becasue the car has transfered 90% or so of its weight onto the front tyres.

my clio does it, but my XR2 does it worse....really bad in fact, but its just an indicator that you @ the limit. Like most cars, a car wantid to spin, is a car about to spin, unless you know what your doin.

lowering the car will make it a bit better and reduce dive, but the weight transfers always gonna be there. And the stickyer the tyres, it just means you can brake jarder before you get to adheision limits, the tail will still skip about when you get there. you shouls try my old race kart with R brakes only!!! thats was a good trainer!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I enjoy it when it does that! its the whole experience of driving the 172, in fact i was following (toasting with) a new mk.2 172 yesterday and he had to brake hard and his car was skipping all over the place, as was mine! it was so funny to watch another car do it as well!

Theres a few springs on the market now m8.

Avo, Eibach, Pi, Prima, Apex.

I dont know how good the other springs are but I know I and a few have the Avo springs and I think there very good Eibach are also very good as well. As I said phone HillPower up and talk to Nick and he will have a chat with you about them.


first, springs wont make tuppence of difference...

at the point you mention the abs should be in...

if its not.. get it checked.

the Contis are SUPERB !!..they balance the car.. the suspension is designed for them... ( i take it you still have the Contis Sir ?)

I would check the tyre pressure when cold.. this is a clear sign of tyre pressure differential problems.

Lower the back by 2-4 psi.. (if they are spot on reno figs..) if they are not spot on... try them as recommended.

hope that helps M8 !

  Leon Cupra

Once again thanks for you advice lads, ill have a think about the springs and if i do have some ill get them from Hillpower.