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fao simon nos

  172 sport,

hi m8 i used to live in fareham about 4 1/2 years ago had me 205 down there does everyone still call each other mush down there or has it stopped now ware abouts are you ?? the only competion i had down there was a friends v6 calibra and a couple of renault 11 turbos oh yeah and sh*te loads of clapped out xr2s only one beat me that was one of the 11 turbos i stopped him at a garage and he told me it had a reno 21 turbo lump in it not suprising he beat me realy


I live in Farlington, yeah everyone, well the townie boy racer Nova/Corsa/XR3/XR2/RST/Calibra crews do. There is sod all compotition bar a few 2ltr Novas, a couple of cossies, tunned RSTs and Calibra 4*4s. Loads and loads of clapped out old Novas, XR2s and XR3s, hardly any of em ever wanna race you, and those that do get slaugthered. Southampton is no better.

Where you live now?
Ben you live in Soton?

Cheers, Simon
  172 sport,

i have moved back home to essex rayleigh to be exact loved it down there the atmosphere night life etc trouble was as a driver the money was crap £3.50 p/h driving a 44 ton truck sucks so had to come back up here will be at the sos meet on the 14th if ya there ill come and say hello