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Fastest, low insurance Clio?

  Fiesta Zetec,VW Polo
Hi everyone!
I'm quite new to Clio's as I have never really looked into them before, I would love a RenaultSport but because of my age and the fact that I've had previous insurance cancelled, there is not a chance that I would get insured on one. I was wondering if any of you could give me a bit of a background on the different Clio's and recommend which would be the best for me? I want something fast and that will be a fun project to tune and mod as well as it needs to be practical for my 40-50 mile round trip to work everyday, and needs to be under insurance group 24 as i will not get insured on anything more than this.


ClioSport Club Member
Maybe go for a dci100 if you can find one. Diesel, cheap to tax and run. Not sure on how mappable etc they are? Can get them handling pretty well, depends how far you want to go. Declaring your mods wont be cheap.


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  Clio MK2 ph3 1.6
I have a 1.6 mk2 and for me it's great fun and im getting 45mpg from a 50 mile round trip to work
  Clio GT 128
I have a 10plate Clio GT 128 and its a great daily for me. Fuel economy isn't the best but its so much cheaper on insurance compared to any RS model. Theres also a 105bhp 1.5Dci diesel GT if you really want to save some money. My 1.6 keeps up with most stuff and with some lowering springs and spacers it handles alot better and doesn't look like a monster truck.
I have a 1.6 mk2 and for me it's great fun and im getting 45mpg from a 50 mile round trip to work
I remember how well the 1.6 Clio 2’s go as I tried keeping up with my sisters one in my 2.0 Ford Probe. It just disappeared down the dual carriageway and I couldn’t keep up! They go very well for a 1.6!


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Had a 1.6 before my 182, great fun but a bit twitchy with cheap rears, used to get the back end out following kias going 15 at roundabouts


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  Renault 5
If you need any help with insurance for any vehicle you're looking at then please feel free to drop me a line.
Lowered mine and new shocks so feels quite planted, span my 1.2 on a roundabout
My cup was always oversteering with crap tyres (Toyo T1R with 6mm of tread) and old shocks. Now it grips corners like a limpit (Rainsport 3 tyres, new cup shocks and eibach sportline :)
  Listerine & Poledo
The Mk.2 - shape diesels would be my first place to look if I wanted a Clio that wasn't a RenaultSport one.

Cheap to run and, when insurance allows, you can tweak the engine up for bigger grins (and maybe even smoke signals)