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Fastest N/A clio in UK

so come on, who owns it? matbrowns must be up there along with 2live and craggys, are there any others? Adiclio was telling me about some guy with a williams on TBs??
  Golf GTi DSG

Mines the fatest, 80bhp of throbbing 1.4, lol, actually might be 82/3 with the filter and zorst! Come on, you 150bhp willy owners must be scared by that :)

exactly, having said that, 2live is yet to be convincingly beat by a 172 in his williams, and im sure leighs stage 2 williams is still unbeaten by 172

Depends how you define "fastest". Down the 1/4 mile Ive not of any clio faster than TimOs old 172....


that would be mine at an estimated 192 Bhp and confirmed 172Bhp ATW.

I got out classed by a VTS still at lunch although thats a different story and might post it up...

Then again im still giggling about it!

At present the fastest n/a clios known to Cliosport are:

Timo172 - 14.5s

Matbrown - 14.7s

2Live/Craggy- 14.8s


sorry couldnt resist boasting about it! How do you lot know who has the fastest clio then. Is there an event. I have been to North Weild and done a qtr mile but that was before I turboed mine.
  mk2 172

we battle it out at york, some go to santa pod, last year at york was cool tho cos we huddled together then joined the queue and about ten races in a row were clios!

I saw a 230bhp williams for sale a few months ago (craggy will testify to this) running the sadvec (sp) gear box. Im sure this must be one of the fastest clios in the UK. I have seen the car, was parked at the time at the Harewood hill climb (N yorkshire)

matbrown, what you done to your valver to make it that fast? Obviously its the 2l (is it willy lump of megane bottom end), but surely that only would not get those times. What else?