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FCS Offer - Renault CLIP Tests

Would you be interested in this service at FCS?

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Just gauging interest...

I have approached by an in independent specialist in the quest of being able to offer our members a discounted Renault CLIP test using their diagnostic machine.

This machine can identify a number of potential running faults and remove some of those annoying dash warning lights amongst other little tweaks i.e. resetting ECU.

£20 a pop and you'll get a free printout.

Would people take up this offer?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clubman JCW
If they would be able to do one for the 197 so i could see if it is running sweet then i would probably do one.
Also you may want to post this in a different section where there is more traffic
(If that is not breaking any rules, and the mods allow it)
Seeing as the offer is for the show only it's in the correct section.

I'm pretty sure they have the new Clio on the software anyhow.


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  Clubman JCW
Yeah sorry i knew it is in the right section.
I just thought if you were cheeky and put in slightly the wrong section i.e clio discussion more people would see it so we could get more votes.
  Volvo S60 T5
Well, not major interest in this but I may still bring the clip along and offer the above.
Will read all Renaults and has the latest software update.

I expect I will probably just enjoy the show instead :)
  Volvo S60 T5
Well in bringing the clip system with me and will be offering the test after the 1st CS track session , cash only and will e-mail screen dumps after tests have been done. Look for the Rentech Clio to get your name down and ile do as many as I can.
also Dave will be doing this as well so you can always speak to him.


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  182 Trophy #274
i would have been interested if i'd have known... just seen the thread :(