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Fekkin workmen

Couldnt see a workmans sign that had blwon into the road till it was too late so ran over the mutha. Today when cleaning the car found it had dislodged my mesh grill & took a chunk out of the front valance ! Fap it. Went back to get thier name but they had fekked off !! :mad:
  320d M Sport

Bad luck, i thought you were going to say they were whistling or something?? How much will it cost to sort?

  172 sport,

i think this brands hatch meet is jinxed you done ya front john done his side nick done his lump and ive had no less than 5 near misses in mine the last today when some stupid girl in her 206 backed out of a space and nearly stuffed it strait into the back of mine she wasnt even looking good job i was coz i spun it 4ward out of her way and she didnt even notice what she had nearly done :mad:

Oh fap Aaron, how the hell did that happen?

When I went to jet wash today I pulled up behind an old git in his van at the pumps & he promptly slung it in reverse & started to come back !! Fappin horned him big time & he had cheek to stick his fingers up at me !! Lucky I am a lady or I would have got out & decked the c**t. :devilish:

Quote: Originally posted by Squirt 172 on 23 November 2002

"Fappin horned him big time & he had cheek to stick his fingers up at me !!"
No wonder he stuck his fingers up at you if your horned him...what did you use? Rhino? ;)


Call the police, report it as an incident and get an incident number, they might need a brief statement of events but i did this all over the phone, tell them the time and location of the crash, the highways agency website has a list of all work and contractors name and numbers.

Contact the company directly and inform them that their sign blew into road and caused some damage...

I did this when i lost a wing mirror and the door was stratched by a blow over sign on the M1 (one other guy the copper mentioned wrote his car off)

It took about 3 months of pestering (mainly cos they were in the middle of a relocation) but they paid for a main dealer bodyshop to repair the work, was about £800

They are FULLY responsible for maintaining their equipment and ensuring public safety, so they have public liability insurance for cases like this.

Dont let them get away with it .... i didnt and got money

Good luck