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few pics of the 1.2

  recaro'd 172 rep
hope youse all approve, its been lowered 50 mil on the front and 35 on the back sinse these picys


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ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
Colour code the side strips, 1*2 interior and buy some coilovers please!!!

Other than that nice rep ;)
  recaro'd 172 rep
its now got 172 interior and its been lowered, ill get some resent pics up soon
  recaro'd 172 rep
haha,, those pics are off a few weeks ago. itl be colourcoded next weekend aswell
  E92 M3
get rid of the bonnet bra, lower and front spliter. apart from that it look realy good that mate. u buy it lyk that or is that your handy work
  Za**** & Xr250R
Looking really nice mate the interior and colur coding will finsih it off. scott1205 know's what he's talking about he had the best rep i've ever seen :)
Lol at those that fail to read the original post. He says it's been lowered!

Looks great mate, should sound good as well, now that Viper is in your hands :)
  Never above 25mpg
Get rid of the 2.0l badges and the bra, and slam it, looks like a tractor! :rasp:
And upgrade the interior!

On a rep like that I don't mind them.

Only thing you'd notice is the sunroof to give it away...

Looks great! Hope the lowering makes it look better
  Titanium 182
Looks nice, I would get some new clean plates though, will make it look ten times better outside !