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FIA Kill switch install

  Clio 172 Cup
The time has come to fit an FIA kill switch in the Clio, I've seen a few threads on here but was hoping all you knowledgeable lot would be able to point me right on a few things:

The battery isn't moving anywhere, so I'm thinking of running the +ve terminal into the cabin through the existing grommet, into the switch and out through the grommet into a junction box for the loom and starter cables. For the new cabling will 4awg do the job?

To ground the alternator, is it just as simple as running a wire off the main circuit feed and wiring it into the first set of contacts? The other side will be grounded to the transmission tunnel through the resistor. I take it these wires can be pretty small gauge as there won't be huge current running through them?

Think I've got my head round it but if I'm missing anything I'd really appreciate a heads up.



ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Cartek GT solid state isolator.

Neatest way to do it. I wouldn't bother with anything else.



ClioSport Club Member
I bought my race car with the setup you describe, but wasnt the best execution. (poorly cut and soldered to the existing power cable). i moved the key turn from the dash above the glove box to the radio panel as it was hard to reach with harnesses on, but it was pointed out its possible to knock the key when gear changing, so i looked to renew but eventually found a good deal on a cartek XR isolator.


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