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Finally bought 1!!

Hi all,

so after many years of owning Evo’s and messing with mates Clio’s and megane’s doing track days etc I’ve finally bought my own! LY 197 F1, rough plan will be to meg it at some point and just a nice club spec (ish) track car.
Any info on previous owners/history would be great as it was bought from copart with nothing but a key 😂

Cheers everyone
looks very nice considering it came via copart! looking forward to seeing a progress thread!
It’s not bad tbf. It’s not a category car it was a private sale via copart but does show signs of its age and mileage though 160k.

Progress will be slow going for sure as I have a million and one things going on like everyone else but should still be a fun journey none the less. 🤙