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First (& best!) Donny South pic!

  BMW 320d Sport

Errr well Im not that big apart from around the middle, 510" tall. But after all the lovely ladies we say this weekend it made a refreshing change to see a quality model who wasnt 6 ft tall with her arse hanging out and bloody great high heels on! And believe me we saw plenty of them. Rob J managed to get a picture with just about every girl who was passing, draped over his bonnet. Although he wasnt the only one. Mark B has some interesting pictures which resulted in a small dent and some sweaty bum cleft marks left on his bonnet!

Hopefully hell post them...


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio


We were half way through packing up when that pic was taken, banner was safely tucked away!

Many more pics like this one coming real soon......


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

And Nick, dont worry, I thought it was exciting. (You should see where my hand was!)
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah I can see your dirty hand round the side there. There wasnt much to her round the waist though thats for sure. How many pics did we get of her Jas?

Im waiting for the one of that young lady stroking my rocker cover mate. Was that Helen, the one who got my number? Hope she doesnt ring up at an awkward moment...if I dont answer my mobile quick enough the wife picks it up!


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

We got 2 pics of Jakki. The 2nd was further away, and I didnt fancy asking her cheerful bouncer to take another one!

Let me know when she calls, and if you get kicked out you can stay a day or 2 here while you sort your divorce out!!! That is going to be a picture to remember, she must of thought we were mad getting her to do that!

just wait till I get my pics(unless nick cant take a could pic). I got plenty more girls over my bonnet :) Plus I got the first one of Jakki, Nick was dying for one all day he got that about 5 olcock. M

If anyone has any pics could you e-mail them too, I forgot to bring my camera not once but twice! It least you got the women posing on your car like you wanted successfull weekend all round

I try my best to get them done for Mon night but to be honest they be ready for the weekend. I said to Dave at torsion I let them blow up a pic of all the redline girls over the car for there show room

Bloody-hellfire Nick...I turn my back for 1 minute to start dismantling the tent and you get a picture of Jakki...

Oh, and feel free to put your mobile on divert to mine - Im sure I can help Helen out with any queries she has!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Because Rob, you are the young apprentice and I am the master. Its not til youre actually married and off the market so to speak that you finally learn the skills. Bit bloody late by then.

Anyway, who was it who took all your dirty pictures for you anyway mate?

I reckon well book Helen for Cliosport next year if shes not still working for Ripspeed.


  Shiny red R32

Is the model coloured, because if she isnt she sure looks pretty dark-skinned and so do you guys. Can you lighten the picture a bit as from where I am it is VERY dark! Thanks guys.

agree nick

that helen was gorgeous
top club meet and representation, load and loads of top birds and a few tasty cars too

missed jakki which is a shame but now im confused who i like better now. helen or erica

wicked weekend and def up for the next one



what you on about. you should make way for us young apprentices, youve passed it mate lol

who was it that got the dent again forgot his name. you should of been where i was standing, what a site

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Nick I really wish you hadnt posted that m8. Ive spent all weekend thinking I should be at that show down south, and this just makes it worse. I wish Id married a girl who didnt like shopping and never had birthdays!
  BMW 320d Sport

GR - well she was tanned and it was late in the day, and me and Jas had been in the scorching sun all weekend. I look kind of darker than your normal whitey anyway in the summer cos Im half Indonesian and a tan is just a days work for me!

Craggy - how did uprated engine mounts come into it? Email me anyway and Ill scan in the page from the Sam Steffanson catalogue. Lets hope you can understand Swedish.

Wongy - theres no confusion, yeah Erica is nice but Helen is in the premier league mate. Plus I got her inside my car as well and that counts for a lot. It was Marks black 172 that had the dent...

Mike - yeah you missed out again, dont wanna rub it in - but if youre disappointed now, youre gonna be gutted
when you see the rest of the pics!

Rob - get on it mate, I wanna see those pics, lets hope I didnt accidentally chop you out of the pictures eh?

sorry i can do better:

there certainly were some awesome birds and cars at donny - check out more pics on my website > stuff > donny south


i have more pics of her pole dancing but unfortunately me and Glenn couldnt get the best view - and i couldnt be assed to sort them all out so they dont use up all of my whopping 10mb of webspace.

so how do u add an img?

  BMW 320d Sport

Nice pics! I didnt wanna put the dirty Jakki pics up there. Well theyre not exactly dirty but you never know whos reading this thread!

That first girl with BSNC is very nice and i was watchin her play twister!!!!
Nick the 6ft girls are better mate. Maybe not for you short blokes tho.