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fitted an rs192, mounts dont line up

  clio sport 182
fitted the exhaust today and what a pain in the ass to get it all lined up and looking neat.
my old exhaust was a k-tec stealth and the mounts had been cable tied as they had worn but ive had to cut the cable ties and redo them, now the left side back box is tied to the top of the frame and the right side one is tied to one side, if any of these cable ties snap im knackered as the exhaust will just drop, this would be just as bad if the mounts were new.
just to the back of the back boxes is a pin for another bracket which the k tec was attached by a chunky rubber fitting, to get the scorpion on ive had to remove the bracket,
has any one who fitted one of these exhausts had to arse on with the brackets like ive had to, i would say im going to have to get custom mounts made.


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
You know you can move the mounts about to, loosen off the bolts and they move about.
  RSC 182 Cup
Yes, you'll need to loosen all four (?) rear mounts and most likely slide them completely to the rear. Keep in mind that you can also "tweak" the fittment by jacking the join at the cat up/down or even sideways. Same with the other joins- they'll all make a difference to how the rear tailpipes sit.

Use some form of high temp silicone on the joins- don't use exhaust past like I did or else you'll just have to redo it all. :(
  clio sport 182
i havent used any paste or sealant as id forgot to use it, not blowing anywhere, miles quieter than the last exhaust, really pleased with it, ive only got three mounts though as i had to take one off that was getting in the road, it sounds like i need to find one of these mounts,
  clio sport 182
forgot to ask aswell, would it make a difference if i took all the heat shielding off as a few of the nuts have fell off and it rattles from time to time
  Black R27, 205gti
I had a nightmare trying to line mine up! new mounts and everything. In the end i took it down to scorpion and they sorted it in about 15 minutes. IIRC they aligned it by loosening the front clamps and rear mounts then adjusted it then tightened it all up. Looks perfect now.
  RSC 182 Cup
Yes, that's it - you need to leave it all loose until it's all installed and straight, then tighten everything.
  clio sport 182
thats what i did, i fitted the system from the cat back but never tightened any thing, the first thing i tightened up was the rear mounts but they were badly out of line, ill have another blast when the weathers a bit better