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Fitted My Lockwood White Dials

  172 Cup 2003
Fitted my lockwood dials :D and would recommend to any1! i'm not the most sensible person when it comes to taking bits off cars but even i managed to fit the dials in around an hour!

could of done it quicker if it wasn't for the fact that a couple of warning lights were different so all i did was cut of the original side warning lights i.e full beam and stuck back down and cut the side warning lights off the lockwoods and it was a perfect marriage.

to be honest the most time consuming part was getting the needles spot on!

not quite sure where one of the spoons are as you have to use 2 to get the needles off :S

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  172 Cup 2003
cheers DrRollo, just read the instructions V1nny says the needles can be coloured using like a sort of marker
  172 Cup 2003
yea clidge they came this morning lol.

gavin honestly im hopeless i usually rush into things but the instructions were v.good they only thing they dont remind u of is there are 4 screws behind the silver/carbon plastic covers on the dash.

seriously well happy looks much better than i thought


looks good
but do you HAVE to take all the dashboard apart to fit them, having to to that would seriously put me off doing it
  172 Cup 2003
yeah i was peeing myself about taking it apart but the instructions were very reassuring! it's just screws you can break anything (believe me im VVV.heavy handed)unless you go crazy with a disc cutter!

biojo yea they all lined up the only things that didn't were the side warning and function light as the lockwood ones had one thing on the wrong side so just cut them off the kept the originals and you can't tell hehe