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Fitted my new KTR exhaust today

My new KTR exhaust arrived yesterday after 3 weeks waiting for it, as i weren't busy today i got my mate to give me a hand fitting it.
May have over complicated the removal and fitting though...

but worth the results...

bumper needs a tad cut out but it started raining so will have to be done another day


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Why on earth did you remove the bumper and lights to fit an exhaust?!
i attempted to take the original exhaust off without cutting it up as my mate wanted i to put his 1.2 back to standard and i couldn't work out how to take the bumper off cause the exhaust would pull through so the lights came off too to find out how, i now know the lights didn't need to come off
Looks good. would have been easier getting the jcb allterrain behind in the picture and lifting it of the floor.