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Fitting forge coolant silicone hoses

  172 CUP
Hey guys,

I've ordered some forge silicone coolant hoses, with the intention to fit them on saturday ready for car show on Sunday. After reading a few threads on here, it's looking like a bit more of a difficult job then i first thought. Ideally I don't want to be mucking the car up a day before the show. I was wondering can anyone on here fit them for me while I watch? If so how much would you be looking to charge? I'm in Heathrow area so ideally I won't want to travel really far for it. Or alternatively if someone could give me a link to somewhere that has a detailed description of what to do? I had a look in the guides section but, but theres nothing there.

Cheers guys

  172 cup, Impreza P1
Not too difficult. Drain coolant, take off old and fit new, fill coolant.

You may need to remove bits and pieces to help with access but nothing major.
  172 CUP
Ok I'm going to give this a go. From what I've read I believe these are the steps, but if I've got anything wrong then please feel free to correct me. I also know that I should get a new thermostat and to get the coolant fluid from Renault £12 for 5l iirc?

1. Remove bottom rad hose and drain coolant
2. Remove t/stat and drain coolant
3. Flush through the rad and the t/stat housing with a hose until both are running clear
4. Replace all pipes with new silicone ones
5. Remove the bleed screw/bolt from the side of the t/stat housing
6. Slowly fill with new coolant until you're getting an uninterrupted flow
7. Replace bleed screw
8. Continue filling until exp tank is maxed
9. Start the engine and run it at a fast idle (2.5k) for 4mins, topping up the tank as required
10. Replace cap and run engine until fan kicks in
11. Top up coolant as required once it's cooled down
12. Make sure there are no leaks
13. Over next couple of days keep eye on the temperature gauge and on the coolent level