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fitting upper inlet manifold

  silver 172!
hi just boughta ported inlet manifold anything to look out for when fitting? can i reuse gasket seals? any another things i could do easier while doing this?

  172 Cup
Get hold of some PTFE gaskets. You can re-use but its not advised. I did to get out of trouble but i changed as soon as i could after!! K-TEC sell them for approx £40, bargain!
  Golf GTD Mk7
ptfe gaskets are a must. keeps engine temp down considerably. hill_power_clio sells them 40quid delivered. spot on.

fitting wise there are a few tricky bolts and you need to remove the DS upper engine mount to get to one of them. Depends how good you are with a rachet
  Not got a car
dont tighten the bolts tight what ever you do, They snap easy i would get some new bots and might as well get new gasket. I snapped 2 of my bolts and they got stuck in the head, I just nipped then and they snapped.

Finger tight then about 1/4 turn
  Lionel Richie
PTFE - waste of time IMO

PLEASE LINE THEM UP PROPERLY TO THE HEAD!!!! watse of time just "bolting them on"
  Evo 6, E92 320d
Also worth making sure you have the correct plenum 100%, there are 3 different ones i believe.
  Black Gold Trophy
not that difficult, just something you want to take your time with and definitely have a couple hours of daylight ahead of you when you start.

The gasket between the plenum and lower inlet should be fine, although the one between the head and the lower inlet will most certainly break when you remove it.

Think I made a list of all the tools you need in the old matched inlets group buy thread if you search my previous posts
Grey is upper manifold (consisting of upper runners and plenum chamber), lower is the silver part which retains the fuel rail, and the connects to the head.

  a thirsty one
sorry to go slightly off topic, the hole on the right hand side of the upper manifold what does that measure. i assume as its after the tb could it be a map sensor?

mine seems quite loose and can be turned and moved around a bit is that ok?

  Not got a car
Is there any gasket between the upper manifold and the throttle body? Renault told me no but there look like there should be something, surley its not metal on metal
  Black Gold Trophy
there is a gasket but i'm pretty sure it's just a rubber one that is housed in a grove in the throttle body housing
Gasket between head and inlet

Gasket between inlet and plenum.

Rubber rocker cover breather seal type gasket (172's)

Plenuim to TB, paper type gasket (ph1's)

Plenum to TB ph2 172 / 182 rubber ring (iirc??)
  Golf V6 4Motion
PTFE gaskets will reduce the inlet temps but it can be hard to notice the difference as the air is passing through so quickly - most difference at tick over and low rpm.

Main advantage - durability and reuseability

if you want any give me a shout - my set also includes washers for the rear supporting bolts as an additional heat barrier.
  Golf GTD Mk7
have to say my plenum is much cooler since having the gaskets. Might have something to do with the porting also. Cooler engine will give better performance surely.