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FL5 Civic Type R incoming - my predictions on video

  RB 182 FF
I'm a massive fan of the FK8 Type R, but I've long hated its fake grilles and vents. The new FL5 car could very well put those design wrongs to right - while adding loads to the CTR performance base. I've made this quick video to summarise a few things to expect before the covers come off tomorrow... :)



ClioSport Club Member
Not that keen. Will be interesting to see what the Japanese tuners do with it.
Looks like a Kia Stinger from the back. Inside looks nice and modern though.





ClioSport Club Member
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It's not bad, but it's so long, looks more like a 3-series now. Slightly prefer the older one I think.

Sir Nancy Flowers

ClioSport Club Member
I quite like it tbh.

Its almost a bit more like a Integra than what I would consider a 'Civic'. Then again, the newer gen civics have all turned from hatches into mini saloons which I always found a bit odd.


ClioSport Club Member
It's much better than the overly styled previous one, but it looks nothing like a hatchback. Hot coupe maybe? Will probably be a good touring car.


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ClioSport Club Member
Has a lot going for it and I appreciate the Fwd hill that they are sticking too!


ClioSport Club Member
So much better looking now, the interior looks to be a massive step up. Love the old school red carpets. You can finally have an individual mode for the settings as well so you're not locked into sporty engine and suspension.
  RB 182 FF
I've now met the car in person, for a follow-up video. Here's my social post of it.

Vid to follow on YouTube next week!

I get really nerdy with it and talk gear linkage feel, camber and seating position, so feel free to sub to the channel to see it when it goes out ;)