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Flamer 172 in accident? A52 Derby 9am


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Spotted a flamer 172 as I was heading to work stopped on the A52 where it splits off to the Pentagon Island at about 9am. There was also a white van and police car stopped there. I didn't see any damage, but then I was still moving.

I think I spotted an old style sticker though in the top right hand corner of the rear window. So are you on here and are you ok!?
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Posted by Wolf359
Wife had just dropped me off at work this morning and was taking our 8 yr old to school when some tosspot crashed into her and pushed her almost onto the central reservation and ontot he kerb exiting Derby.
Car was undrivable and police called which is good as said tosspot turned out to be uninsured

Thankfully all details taken and 'should' ... be covered however, garage has said wheel / tyre/ subframe is damaged on drivers side, as is passenger door and front wing so im looking at a repair ~ £5500 for an 04 plate 172 hence my facing facts that I doubt i shall be driving it again !!!
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Indeed :/ white van was the works van and I was the stylish male in the blue plastic parker. uninsured tosser was in the zx on the left lane further ahead
ahh man that's terrible

I must of just missed this as I was going past Pentagon island this morning...

I hope the wife and boy are ok!?

You haven't had much luck with this car at all :(