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For gods sake :(

  Titanium 182
As soon as I get some people intrested coming to view my car then on my way home from the GF's house something hits my bonnet!

Its got this deep dents and scuffs / scratches :( looks like someone has lobbed a brick at it. Dont know what it was all I heard was a clang :( FFS
  C63 PP,R1,,Clubman
Bummer , my mums just about to sell her CTR and someone decided to key it yesterday :(.
  Titanium 182
I'll take pics of the damage tomorrow, I'm not going out in that damn storm !

Urgh ! beginning to really hate cars :(


  UR R26, Hyundai IX35
Similar thing happened to my friend, though it was his silly fault - VTR up for sale and caves in the rear quarter a few days later!

Some people are sh*ts, sorry about your car.