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For reference

Just had a 6000 mile oil & filter change at my local Renault dealer £35.23 all in (oil filter, sump washer & labour)

I did supply my own oil as if I had left it to Renault I would have got the wrong grade.


  Shiny red R32

I would trust the small independent rather than the dealer anyday! I have friends who own both, one in a very busy, trustworthy, honest local garage, where often they dont charge regulars for some small jobs and the other owns a Ford Garage - enough said! They charge for every single little thing and often if someons has a problem, they tell them to book it in, whereas the guys in the independent want to help you all the time and nothing is too much trouble. You can discuss things with the mechanics and wander about the workshop, but in the Ford garage you have to talk to the receptionist and stay out of the workshop!
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Could save yourself the money and worry and just do it yourself! Not that difficult.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

christ, i thought that would have included the oil !!!

even i can do an oil change tho, u shud learn to do it, its easy
  172 Cup

Only annoying part to the 172 is the fact you have to take off the metal injector sheild to get at the oil filter. That aside its p!ss easy.


Agreed, an easy job if a) you can be arsed and b) you have the means to do it.

An oil and filter change for the price of a tank of fuel to me was money well spent.

I thought posting the cost would be helpful to others as this type of question is often asked - didnt expect to get shot down!
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Stop worrying it was useful to me - saved me any surprises when I had mine done today. Youre not the only one who cant spare the time for this stuff!!
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Magnet, were not shooting you down, I am just amazed at the price. I however admire you for getting an oil change done, as a 12k interval is ridiculous.