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For Sale. £725,000

hehe! Didnt work first time. ah well still a sorry sight. and thats not the only F1 hes written off, hes done a couple! As you do..........:p
  mk2 172

thought the price was abit steep, cos they were cheaper new, but if you want the also heard it was impossible to buy them as they just sawp around between rich people. obviously not true???????

Everything is supposed to go back through McClaren, owners had to sign contracts when they bought them for various things.



Quote: Originally posted by Jonny Disco on 26 February 2003

They were £640,000 new

Unless you mean the F1-LM which was only available in bright orange...£800,000

and black their were to "LM-EVO" cars produced with a longer tail section

They had a Mclaren F1 at Knockhill years ago it was silver and orange racing team colours. The driver was only allowed to give it half throttle due to the noise it made!! Even at that it sounded lovely. It went round the track with my all time favorite a Ferrari F40