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I need to replace one of my front hubs as it keeps on knackering my wheel bearings, are all mk 1 hubs the same as my RSI?
no, you need to check the spacing between the bolts that attach the strut to the hub. IIRC the RSi is 54mm, but I would double check that as I'm not totally sure. Valvers come with 54mm bolt spacing but the 1.2s/1.4s can come with either 52mm or 54mm so you really need to have that check to make sure it matches whatever you have.
If a wheel bearing is left broken for too long it can knacker the hub, where the bit of the hub are pressed together, this can wear down to the point where they just come apart. If that happens you need a new hub.
matbrown said:
How is the hub knackering your wheel bearing?


This happend with my car and I had to change the hub and the bearing as it was muching through a wheel bearing in 1000 miles - never had any problem since I changed the hub.
  Capri. Mk1 clio rt.
Hi. Simalar problem. Sheared bolts and snapped abs sensor in a 1999 mk1 1.4 rt that im trying to put back on the road after a few years sorn. Want to change the hub but cant find a mk1 hub. Will a mkk2 driverside hub fit Say from a 1.6. ?
  Capri. Mk1 clio rt.
Since been told its a mk2 ph1. Cheers.
Will any mk2 hub fit this guys n gals ? Dont want to buy bad ,,
  dan's cast offs.