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Front Upper Strut Brace ?


  clio 1.2 -2000-
Well not going to spend a lot of money.
But would like to improve handling, dont want the ride any harder. Never messed with cars before. Not fussed about lowering it, but may like to go down about 5mm.
just working on the out side to make it look better. Would like to put rear spoiler on back, but something that wont cause drag, lol Also front something like this or Front Corner Splitters (DTM Wing Style) here or both it would look rite and could be done but i will be thinking about drag again. Side skirts. Dont know if thers anything that can be done under the bonnet to help! Maybe looks or sound. Dont think there anything worth trying to do about performance. Maybe upgrade air filter and Bonnet Air Intake. Top Mounts if i can get nice looking ones but dont want to spend this money Do they come in colors
Don’t I say im mad please, lol