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Fu*king pheasant!

On my way home last night in my 2 week old Cup... accelerating down the sliproad on my local bypass. When a pheasant runs into my path at about 85 MPH.........WALLOP!! I didnt stop for fear of what i would see apart from feathers everywhere. When i got home the full dead bird was lodged & mangled in my front bumper. Amazingly all the bumper was unscathed just cracked and pushed in the lower section of black mesh in front of the Radiator. Bird was deposited in back garden for local foxes dinner. Car currentl at Renault dealer awaiting phone call for price of any damage!!!!

could have atleast made a meal out of him, help saving the bucks for the bill when it hits the mat. ive been quite lucky, never hit any animals ie foxs, rabbits, cats etc..

Hope you get it sorted anyway

Another one came within a split second of being an ex pheasant yesterday, the exact same situation, except it was a two lane slip road and i was coming past a truck, it somehow managed to miss me and the truck by millimetres, i thought id run over it at first, but when there was no thud i realised itd got away with it.

I dont imagine there was much suffering involved jilly.


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Quote: Originally posted by Seedy on 18 March 2003

accelerating down the sliproad on my local bypass. When a pheasant runs into my path at about 85 MPH
God, that pheasant can certainly leg it .. should be in the olympics.
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha SEEDY, brilliant description mate lol!!! its a bugger for the car but im sure the foxs would have enjoyed it lol!!!! brill

a guy brought his car in to work to be looked at as he hit a bunny (i reckon it was a hare or one big ass bunny) at 125mph in his m3 went straight through the mesh bumper grill through a load of plastic air ducts/trims etc, wrecked the air con condensor and the rad, no sign of bunny bit but he must have bounced off the cat on his way through as there was furr stuck all over it

mmmm......I was at the pub a few weeks ago, sitting in the garden, when i saw a dear stick its head outta bush next to the main road, and BANG! Truck comes along and takes him clean out(well just its head) What makes it worse the chef from the pub was straight out there seeing if it was ok. And after a quick inspection promply picked it up and took it into the kitchen. lol
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ha ha h ah cheap venisen burgers for him!!!! pml........we are sick individuals.............any more????????
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i once hit a badger in a 205 gti and that managed to rip most of the front off the car.

Now i keep a role of tin foil in the car with a copy of The Manafold Cook Book.

Seedy for refrence :

Pheasant with soured cream

50g butter, pheasant, 6 shallots(choped), 300ml white wine, level tablespoon flour, 150ml soured cream, salt and freshly ground black pepper, garnish with watercress.


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i was going down duel carridgeway and a bloke was following me at a distance ne way i see a pheasant stood in road and it starts to walk slowly ne way i swerve in to second lane and the bastid thing jumps at me hits the top left corner of my windscreen (no damage).

i see a mass of feathers and this thing spinning in mid air and then hear a second thud, it had landed on the guys bonnet behind me lol i tell u what it must of sh*t him up :D


Well then.... Reno just phoned me to replace the lower black grill on my Cup which involves taking the front bumber off apparently parts & labour £225 fec! The bit of plastic is £122 alone...!!

Any ideas guys as i is mega non pleased!! Cheeky tw@ts even said i need a new radiator "cos of the air con unit" i told them "its a Cup you halfwits- no aircon" they didnt even know. I had a mechanic look at the radiator as i work @ Lex and he said its untouched nowt wrong with it... so i just need to get the plastic grill bit & get it fitted ..any ideas much appreciated...

Glum Cup owner..

Quote: Originally posted by tomboy on 18 March 2003

i once hit a badger in a 205 gti and that managed to rip most of the front off the car.
mmm........Sadly i have done this too. Felt quite bad afterwards, was in a Focus and they ride quite high, so the front end was ok. however the badger was introduced to the sump, the mid box, then back box and the road. :cry: ooh and the RAC mans shovel.

Complete C**ts, Theres a Cup on the forecourt outside our local renault dealer, they leave her there overnight! :devilish:

well it had no feathers but was sprayed a rather fetching metallic blue to make up for it, LOL in fact i think it was so lightweight it had taken a dump shaving another few tenths off its 0-60 time

Im not a pheasant plucker, Im a pheasent pluckers son, Im only plucking pheasants till the pheasant plucker comes.......

Shouldnt it be Phucking Feasants !!!! ?

Soor to hear about you misfortune, how about taking this opportunity to fit wire mesh in youself in the bottom section and Buy the Polished Stainless steel Grill from K-Tek it will look well mean and cost you less.

swelch... where can i get the mesh Grill From & can it be fitted by myself ??

do you know how much exactly it costs?? Any pics as i dont want to spoil the look of the car.. any extra info you have would be great cheers..

The stainless mesh can be bought at most Les Smiths / Halfords, if not you can get it form most Mod Cos look in Fast Car / Max power etc. It is fitted by Cutting it to size and fixing it from behind the bumper.

Have you looked at K-Tek site yet for the picture of the Stainless Front grill?

Mesh is usually upto £20 the K-Tec Grill is about £90.

Let me know what you think and if you do it please post a picture, I would like to see it.