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Fuel Lines

  DCI100 / 211hp MK1
What are peoples views on running rubber fuel lines through the car. My mate thinks I should do it to make it nice and easy for replacing things etc etc. I can understand if the fuel lines are braided as there is a bit more protection but would rubber ones be ok.

Would track day event holders say it’s a no no or Mot testers.

Thoughts please.
I wouldn't run rubber hoses through the car - they can breathe petrol fumes into the car
MOT people would frown on it I suspect - and it's waaaaay too easy to catch one and cut it
Even as standard the clio runs solid plastic pipe under the car

For the sake of a few quid - just buy some braided fuel hose instead!!
  DCI100 / 211hp MK1
Thanks for the advice. Im not going to be upgrading to braided lines as i just bought this fuel lines lol. As i am running a MK 1 engine i need a flow and return so the standard 172 fuel lines wouldn't have done the job.

I didnt realise the rubber would let the fumes escape...... thats a pain as i was thinking of protecting the fuel lines in a plastic sleave of some description but if they let out fumes there is no point of that.

Also the 172 fuel pumps,

They have a green and red outlet on there. I take it that the green is fuel flow and the red is fuel return? Does that sound about right?