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Fuel lines

For the series that i run in i now need to add a dry break into my fuel line and i know that its quite easy to do with a braided hose and threaded AN fittings but i wanted to know if any of you have replaced the line to AN and braided and what connectors you used to connect on to the fuel pump and on to the fuel rail as they are push on clips in the standard setup.


ClioSport Moderator
I've got a stainless braided fuel line on mine but it also goes to a aluminium fuel rail.

If you get a cup racer fuel rail you'll be able to do the same as I've done and run the braided line.


ClioSport Moderator
Any idea where I can find one of these fuel rails?
R-sport at Wimbledon mate. They ain't cheap but they bolt in on the oe rail mounts. Jenvey if your running itbs.

This is where and how I connected my braided hose.