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  DUB mk2 golf gti!
larkspeed cant get hold of my apex springs for 2-3 weeks:mad: but they said they had g-max kits in stock!are g-max s**t basically or do i go sumwhere else to find apex or go for sum eibachs from k-tec. was rele hoping for 40mm but i dnt wanna wait!
wait or go some where else, i thing k-tec do a quick delievery, there price is ok as well. I got mine from motor world store took 2 weeks lil more expensive but didn't want delivery. Stick with 'apex'
  DUB mk2 golf gti!
but handling wise are they better than a-pex laskpeed are rele trying hard to flog me these, this is from an e-mail i got from um!'the G-max kit we can offer is 35mm and there a very minimal difference
between this & the 40mm Apex kit. In fact as these measurements are taken
from the car as standard you will find that the amount of lowering received
will vary anyway as the suspension sags as the car ages!!
Figures given are always +/- 5mm or so